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Genealogy, holdings & background of R.G.H. Cotton, age 76, retired twice and still working to keep busy.

My interest #1, in Genealogy lies with the family name COTTON.

My own family came to CAN from Kenilworth WAR ENG May 1883 and I can trace all their descendants up to the 2000's in CAN and USA. Great grandfather Edwin Cotton, and brothers Thomas and David, came to Eustis mines, Ascot twp, Sherbrooke co, PQ.

Our family TREE goes back to William Cotton of Kenilworth WAR ENG who was bapt in Hunnigham WAR 1708, mar Oct 1736 to Mary Toone (bapt 1722 in Kenilworth) and he died Nov 1756 in Kenilworth. Other ancestors came from the Kenilworth and Berkswell WAR area. William's ancestors came from STS and SAL where the earliest John Cotton was from, in 1611.

Therefore I am very interested in any COTTON genealogical data, especially from the Warwickshire area. I believe my DNA genetic Y-Chromosome lineage numbers take me back to WAR, STS and SAL.

My interest #2, is also with the family name COTTON as I am the member of GOONS (Guild of One Name Studies) out of LND ENG, responsible for that family surname, throughout the world.

On my computer databases and in my library, I have the following, in this regard:

  1. about 8,000 records with some 80 families of the name COTTON, dating back to the 1100's, in ENG.
  2. many COTTON families and records for CAN (about 3000) and a few in USA (about 5000).
  3. an index in WP9 format of COTTON births in ON, 1869 - 1906, marriages 1873 - 1921 and deaths 1869 - 1931 and copies of actual certificates are available from other LDS films.
  4. an index in WP9 format of marriage records/bonds in Upper Canada (ON) 1835 - 1845. The index for 1841 - 45 covers all of CAN East (ON), and copies of the actual records are available for them from other LDS films.
  5. a list of the Index of 1871 Census for ON in WP9 format of the COTTON surname.
  6. records of COTTON's from CAN who died in Military Service.
  7. in ENG, July 1837 - 1910, an index for the registrations of COTTON surnames, 14,000 births, 5600 marriages and 8200 deaths, in WP9 format.
  8. an index in WP9 format, from the Scottish OPR's, of COTTON births, 1539 - 1854, marriages 1774 - 1850 and children of COTTON parents 1654 - 1855. (Copies of actual records are available for them from the other LDS films).
  9. an index in WP9 format, of COTTON births in SCT, 1855 - 1910, marriages 1855 - 1910, and deaths 1855 - 1911. (copies of actual records are available for them from SCT or other LDS films).
  10. an index in WP9 format, of COTTON births in IRL, 1864 - 1910, marriages 1845 - 1912, and deaths 1864 - 1910. (copies of actual records are available for them from other LDS films or IRL).
  11. an index in WP9 format, of COTTON births in the Presidency of Bengal India, 1713 - 1904; marriages 1713 - 1910; and deaths 1713 - 1884; (copies of actual records are available for them from other LDS films)
  12. a copy in WP9 format, of COTTON marriages in ENG from Boyd's list of records for various Shires.
  13. a few COTTON families in Australia (about 1600 records).
  14. a complete PAF5 database on the ancestors of our grandchildren including related maternal families, BLACKBURN of LAN, DOWNIE of LKS, EDWARDS of WLS, GUEST of MDX, HAMBURG of GER, HAWKES of KEN, MANN of LND, MARTIN of NS & WAR, MILLER of ARL, MILLINGTON of WAR, NAHRGANG of ON & GER, PETERSOHN of NY & GER, and REUTLINGER of NY & GER.
  15. an additional 3600 records on many Canadian families from Prescott co ON, unrelated to the COTTON line, going back to the late 1700's from ENG and IRL.
  16. records in WP9 format, of 8 cemeteries in Prescott co ON that I have researched, transcribed and compiled.
  17. a database in WP9 format of Funeral records, 1890 to 1966, by A. McRae of Vankleek Hill ON together with some further funeral records of that area up to 1990.
  18. much of the above data has been given to the LDS, FreeBMD and other local libraries over the years.
  19. CD ROM's of:
    1. 1851 (part) and 1881 Census for ENG and CAN.
    2. VRI (Vital Records Index) for AUS, British Isles and North America.
    3. 1880 Census for US.
  20. several COTTON family genealogy books from USA.
  21. a source list of some 200 books, titles and authors, from which COTTON ancient families have been researched.
  22. Burke's General Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland & Wales listing the descriptions of family Crests and Arms.
  23. my computers are a Pentium III PC using MS Windows 98 and a Pentium4 laptop using Windows XP.
  24. all of my family data is on PAF5, version 5.2.18 Genealogy program. It is a dynamic program in that it is always being updated and added to. I have various Utility programs to create Family Trees and to merge records from different databases. All of this has been backed up on a CD that is updated periodically, in case of a catastrophe, together with the latest version of PAF5 program and its associated Manual.
  25. separate copies of the CD are designated for transfer to the LDS in Salt Lake City when I'm no longer able to continue this fantastic hobby.
  26. two books that I have published in 1989 are:
    Cotton of Kenilworth, and deCotes Family with Cotton Descendants.

I am therefore interested in any input one may have for me, relating to families of the name COTTON, so that I can update my files; and of course I am more than willing to send along any of my records I have, to help others researching their genealogy.

Specifically interested in any person who was a Cotton, or a spouse or child of a Cotton; complete dates and places for Birth, Baptism, Marriage, Death and Burial's.

I have formed a PAF5 user group for our area, to familiarize others on its use and the unique functions. It is a fantastic Genealogy program with a fantastic Advanced Focus/filter or sorting facility.

I work as a part time librarian at the local LDS library, though I am not of that faith.



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