Memo to: All Members

From: Linda Kratina, District Officer

Date: December 10/99

Council appointed the members-at-large to the Collective Bargaining Committee last week. The members of the team who will be working with me on your behalf are:

  • Larry Chud - President, District Office

  • Peter Hadley - Executive Liaison (White Oaks)

  • Bob Neshevich -Council Liaison (Milton)

  • Stephen Lindeman - Member-at-large (M.M. Robinson)

  • Casey Kalvaitis - Member-at-large (Adult H.S.)

  • Chris Kuehnel - Member-at-large (Syl Apps)

  • Onna Erstikaitis - Member-at-large (Aldershot)

    Newcomers to this process are:

  • Peter,

  • Bob,

  • Stephen,

  • Casey

  • and Chris.

    I am gratified by the fact that these individuals are interested in taking on this responsibility. The members of the team represent a broad spectrum of the membership geographically, by discipline, and in experience. Casey works in Adult Ed., and has experience as a Form III Teacher. Stephen is a Social Science teacher who was on the grid during the 'Social Contract'. Chris is a French language teacher, currently from a Section 27 school. Bob is an experienced social science teacher from the North. Peter, a math teacher, is our current District Treasurer and will be the new "numbers man" for the team. Onna is an English teacher from one of our smaller schools who brings a great deal of bargaining experience to the team. Larry, in his former life, was in Student Services.

    Since we have several committee members new to the process of bargaining, I have scheduled an in-house training workshop with Bev Tindall (Field Secretary to Halton) on January 27, 2000 from 12:00 to 8:00 p.m.

    As you will gather from discussions in the media, the "leaked" documents and the cuts announced by Chris Hodgson (Management Board Chair for the Tories), bargaining for our next agreement will no doubt be difficult and what may occur, unpredictable. I think it is advisable in these circumstances that we hope for the best but be prepared for the worst. Rather than purchasing high-ticket items, it may be more prudent to wait, in preparation for any eventuality.

    With respect to the process, the committee will be considering methods to help us set our priorities for this next round of bargaining. I would ask you to consider what areas are of most significance to you and to communicate those to the team. Our mandate - to get the best possible agreement for the Members. Your mandate - identify what elements would be part of that "best possible deal'.

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